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What Causes Mold Damage in Pearl River Homes?

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage door and ceiling Mold remediation is a job for a professional outfit. SERVPRO techs are trained and experienced in all phases of mold remediation.

SERVPRO Can Diagnose and Perform Mold Remediation in Local Pearl River Properties

More often than not, signs that a Pearl River home needs mold remediation are a symptom of an ongoing issue that needs to get addressed. Frequently seen reasons for mold infestation are:

SERVPRO supports the Pearl River community with its professional mold damage remediation services. Once on-site, the technicians can identify the reason for the mold infestation and recommend the necessary steps to ensure that a favorable environment does not set up for mold growth in the future. The technicians undergo comprehensive training and keep up with the latest trends in technology and application regarding all phases of the restoration services industry, including handling damage from mold.

Mold can spread significantly behind walls and under flooring for a long period before homeowners discover its presence. SERVPRO technicians use an array of devices specifically for moisture detection equipment such as probes and infrared cameras to help define the areas that require mold remediation. Once all traces of the mold colonies get removed, SERVPRO techs perform actions that inhibit the return, such as cleaning and sealing surfaces with antimicrobial products. 

SERVPRO of Southern Rockland County at (845) 400-4888 is ready to handle mold damage remediation in Pearl River properties and make the problem "Like it never even happened."

Is Deodorization Part of Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services in Suffern Properties?

7/17/2021 (Permalink)

fire extinguisher behind fire background Commercial fire restoration by SERVPRO is second to none. Our technicians are ready 24/7 365 days a year.

SERVPRO Eliminates All Traces of Fire Damage in Suffern Commercial Properties

Fire damage in commercial Suffern properties has several challenges during the cleanup. Not only do charred debris and ruined items need to get removed, but also the lingering fire odors. 

Commercial fire restoration in Suffern properties handled by SERVPRO is a detailed process that includes removing all traces of the fire, including smoke damage cleanup and odor control applications. 

Removal of charred building materials and objects can lessen odors in the structure significantly. It is common for SERVPRO techs to establish cleaning stations outside the work area to handle items that have no evidence of heat damage but may be covered in soot. Non Porous items can get cleaned through different methods such as:

  • Agitation 
  • Immersion
  • Removal using manual tools and detailed hand cleaning
  • Use of proprietary solvent-based liquid agents

When SERVPRO techs perform fire restoration services, it is a detailed process that ensures cross-contamination to other areas of the building does not occur through containment or the setup of negative air venting. The final phase of all fire cleanup jobs for both residential and commercial properties is the deodorization to ensure no residual fire odors remain.

SERVPRO of Southern Rockland County is available 24/7 for commercial fire damage restoration services in Suffern by calling (845) 400-4888.

What is the Difference in Water Damage Restoration Needed for a Toilet Backup Versus a Toilet Tank Leak in Suffern Homes?

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Toilet water is contaminated with wastewater. SERVPRO will handle all water damage restoration services needed for your home.

SERVPRO Techs Can Handle Contaminated or Clean Water Cleanup in Suffern

Toilets in Suffern homes are a frequent cause of water damage. However, the outcomes can be vastly different depending on the type of water in the house. 

When SERVPRO handles water damage restoration in Suffern properties, the technicians identify the cause of the home disaster. A toilet backup can deliver gallons of sewage-tainted water within a home and ruin anything that absorbs the water. In the case of a tank leak or supply line coupling failure, the water can damage. Still, as long as the water cleanup efforts begin within 24 hours before it starts to degrade, it is considered clean with limited if any bacteria.  

When carpet gets affected by either of these water types, the outcome can vary. When carpeting absorbs contaminated water, there is very little chance to sanitize it for reuse. SERVPRO technicians need to safely extract the wastewater and dispose of the carpet using biohazard protocols. For a clean water carpet disaster, SERVPRO technicians can:

  • Perform water removal
  • Dry the carpet
  • Make no water spots remain through steam cleaning

SERVPRO of Southern Rockland County at (845) 400-4888 brings their professional water damage restoration services to the local Suffern community and is available 24/7.

Looking for Professional Restorers After Flood Damage to Your Suffern Home? Call SERVPRO

6/23/2021 (Permalink)

removed flooring and drywall after flood SERVPRO can mitigate the storm damage to your Suffern home with controlled demolition, heavy-duty cleaning and disinfecting.

Suffern Homes Have a Better Chance of Successful Restoration After Flood Damage With SERVPRO

Flood damage can cause all sorts of problems to your Suffern home. The floodwater can seep into the structural components making them weak and vulnerable to rot, and the contaminants can pose a health hazard. SERVPRO technicians can help you get on top of things by offering a premier flood restoration service to get your home back to preloss condition as soon as possible.

SERVPRO technicians can estimate the extent of flood damage to your Suffern home by studying the permeability and porosity of the material affected. Permeability describes the ability of water to move through a material. SERVPRO technicians measure material permeability in units called 'perms.' A material with a permeability of less than 1 perm is considered impermeable to moisture and has less chance of water damage. Material with higher porosity generally has higher permeability and is damaged the most after a flood incidence.

SERVPRO's Strategy for Flood Restoration of your Suffern Home Depends on the Type of Material Damaged

SERVPRO techs use water damage remediation strategies in Suffern based on the porosity and permeability of the material involved. The IICRC S500 Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration defines material in the following three categories-

  • Porous- Can absorb moisture readily and can even support microbial growth. Examples include carpets, fiber-fill insulation, and textiles.
  • Semi-porous- Absorbs moisture but at a much slower rate. These materials can also support microbial growth. Unfinished wood, concrete, and brick are examples.
  • Non-Porous- These materials don't absorb water at all and are least damaged by it. Glass, plastic, and sheet metal are a few examples.

For a fast and reliable flood damage restoration service, call SERVPRO of Southern Rockland County at (845) 400-4888.

SERVPRO Is a Trusted Name When It Comes to Fire Damage Restoration of Suffern Homes

6/15/2021 (Permalink)

fire line yellow tape SERVPRO can cross the fire line and restore your Suffern home after a fire damaging incident

SERVPRO Is Quick to Respond to Fire Damage Remediation Calls from Suffern Residents

The success of fire damage restoration of your Suffern home is contingent on how quickly SERVPRO technicians can spring into action. The longer the smoke and soot residue remains on the surfaces, the more difficult and time-consuming it gets to clean them during a house fire cleanup.

Fire damage restoration of Suffern homes requires the use of several cleaning and restoration techniques by SERVPRO experts. Cleaning soot deposited after smoke damage on porous surfaces such as acoustic ceilings is a significant challenge. SERVPRO has developed a special cleaning process for such cases that preserves the sound-dampening qualities of acoustic tiles and restores their appearance at the same time. The method is called Peroxide active cleaning.

How SERVPRO uses Peroxide Active Cleaning During House Fire Cleanup in Suffern?

Peroxide active cleaning uses a cleaning solution that contains stabilized hydrogen peroxide, which is an oxidizing agent. The stabilized hydrogen peroxide can oxidize the soot particles making their bonds with the surfaces weak to be removed easily.

SERVPRO techs use this method to clean porous surfaces that are not damaged by water-based cleaning solutions in unoccupied structures. The process begins by vacuuming the affected area to remove loose soil and coating it with the cleaning solution mist without over-wetting it.

Active Peroxide cleaning is, however, not suitable to clean surfaces made from natural materials such as wool and cotton. SERVPRO techs use safety equipment such as goggles and respirators utilizing this technique.

Call SERVPRO of Southern Rockland County at (845) 400-4888. Our technicians are available round the clock to assist you.

Water Damage Restoration Be Carried Out Promptly in Pearl River Homes?

6/6/2021 (Permalink)

wet lower level wood floor, equipment SERVPRO understands the need to quickly remove water and molsture from your Pearl River home to mitigate water damage and mold growth

Time Lost in Seeking SERVPRO's Help in Water Damage Restoration of Your Pearl River Home Can Prove Costly

Burst pipes, ceiling leaks, or basement flooding, whatever be the cause, water damage restoration should be your immediate priority after a water incident at your Pearl River home. SERVPRO technicians can prevent the damage from getting worse if they can start the restoration process as soon as possible after the incident.

SERVPRO's technicians begin the water damage restoration of your Pearl River home by extracting any standing water. However, hidden water can continue damaging your property even after the standing water is removed. Water can enter into materials in two primary ways-

  • by absorption of water directly in contact with the surface
  • by absorption of excess moisture in the air

Knowledge of the mechanical process of moisture movement might help you better understand how SERVPRO restores water-damaged homes in the Pearl River area.

Why Some Water Cleanups Take More Time Than Others in Pearl River?

The time required to dry the structure depends on how moisture moves in and out of the material. Mold can develop if this dampness is not soon removed from organic materials. Some of the mechanical processes of moisture movement include-

  • Liquid Flow- Water moves in liquid form into the structural components after ceiling leaks and broken pipes or whenever there is standing water. Such movement stops once SERVPRO techs remove the water.
  • Air Movement- Water in the vapor form can enter the structure with moist air through cracks and small openings. SERVPRO techs control humidity to prevent such kind of movement.
  • Capillary suction- The movement of liquid water through small pores in a porous material such as wood and fabric occurs by capillary suction. Drying such materials can take time.

Call SERVPRO of Southern Rockland County at (845) 400-4888 for reliable water damage restoration.

Do Fire and Smoke Damage Inspections Aid Restoration of Suffern Homes?

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

Chair on fire SERVPRO teams are ready to assist you with fire damage remediation services 24/7. Just call (845) 400-4888.

We Can Assess Damage in Suffern Fire Damaged Homes to Begin Restoration and Cleanup Quickly.

Fire inspections and damage assessments showcase where immediate attention is required after a structure fire gets extinguished. From structural concerns to circulating soot particles, we must catalog threats and create a fire damage restoration plan to help.

Are There Actions that Happen Before Job Scoping? 

Because of how destructive and potentially hazardous the need for fire damage restoration in Suffern homes can be, multiple emergency services often precede job scoping and damage assessment. These initial actions are necessary to reduce the spread and severity of post-fire damage situations and reduce contaminants and health hazards present in the environment before official fire damage restoration services begin. This mitigation helps:

  • Fire damaged homes
  • Fire and smoke damage removal
  • Smoke remediation

As quickly as these conditions can get out of control after a fire gets extinguished, our SERVPRO of Southern Rockland County team implements vital mitigation and emergency services to protect a property and its contents. You can reach us anytime at (845) 400-4888.

How Quickly Must Black Mold Get Removed from Pearl River Homes?

5/21/2021 (Permalink)

Mold Don't let mold go unchecked in your home. Call SERVPRO for help to avoid further damage.

Our Experienced Professionals have Several Mold Remediation Strategies for Pearl River Properties.

The presence of black mold and attic mold are two substantial concerns for area homeowners after prolonged moisture exposure and damp pockets in their property. Mold organisms can spread fast through these environmental conditions, requiring fast and deliberate mold removal strategies to get implemented as quickly as possible by experienced remediation technicians like our SERVPRO team. We offer: 

  • Mold remediation
  • Black mold damage repairs 
  • Black mold removal

What Mold Removal Strategies Work Best for Area Homes? 

Choosing the appropriate strategy for mold removal in Pearl River homes requires information obtained during a mold inspection process. Identifying the condition of exposed hosting materials can determine where surface treatments might be beneficial and when these superficial removal tactics will not be effective. 

As challenging as black mold might seem, our SERVPRO of Southern Rockland County remediation professionals can help. We have powerful strategies for eliminating active colonization and restoring the damage organisms cause. Give us a call at (845) 400-4888.

What Mitigation Solutions Do SERVPRO Restorers Provide Nyack Homes?

5/14/2021 (Permalink)

Equipment Our skilled teams of experts have the tools and experience you will need after water strikes in your home.

The First Actions Professionals Take After Water Damages can be Critical for Nyack Properties.

The objective of drying is to create an environment that supports efficient evaporation of moisture-damaged materials and contents. This process focuses on isolating your home's damaged areas and preventing the migration of any standing water or trapped moisture. Water mitigation plays a critical role in this process, providing the initial efforts necessary to remove pooling on floors. Wet vacuums are typically ideal when combined with high-efficiency attachments for less accessible areas like light wands and carpet wands.

How Can Mitigation Professionals Protect Contents? 

Your personal belongings must also be a focal point of water mitigation in Nyack properties. Relocation provides the most immediate results when potentially affected items are not yet damaged, though on-site cleaning might also be required. The recovery of your personal belongings is a staple of many services we offer, including:

  • Flood restoration
  • Water damage remediation
  • Emergency services water damage

When water mitigation is needed in your home, our SERVPRO of Southern Rockland County team can help. Call us today at (845) 400-4888.

How Do Specific Efforts Increase Water Clean Up Efficiency for Suffern Homes?

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician consulting with customer Talk to our certified experts today for assistance with water damage in your Suffern property.

Our Team Responds Fast to Clean up Water and Dry the Damaged Areas of Suffern Properties.

Every water damage incident that impacts homes and businesses throughout the area requires multiple steps and stages to clean and restore. As rapidly as homes can become damaged by standing water or other threatening conditions, our professionals provide thorough water damage cleanup for area homes that encompasses highly efficient drying and surface cleaning practices. We intend to make these emergencies “Like it never even happened.” We can help with:

  • Flood restoration
  • Basement flooding
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Emergency services water damage
  • Water damage remediation

Getting Water Removal Services Started Immediately in Water-Damaged Homes 

Water damage cleanup in Suffern is not as successful if water removal services have not started. Standing water can be a substantial threat to residences, making it critical for our responding technicians to provide immediate actions to overcome these concerns. Standing water leads to saturation into flooring materials, drywall, and areas beyond these surface materials like subflooring and structural cavities. Without preventing the spread of moisture through the property, the subsequent drying required will take longer and ultimately cost more. Eliminating standing water involves several extraction tools in our inventory, including:

  • Wet vacuums
  • Self-priming trash pumps
  • Electric submersible pumps
  • Light wands
  • Truck-mount extractors

How Can Air Movers Improve Evaporation?

Air movers are often the most critical element to water damage cleanup and drying. Centrifugal units target specific points of the damaged surfaces to maximize evaporation at these spots. Moisture monitoring equipment can help determine when these units have reached the desired production value on a specific area and should move to a new location to continue with efficient evaporation for collection by our strategically placed dehumidifiers.

How Do Dehumidifiers Eliminate Moisture Concerns?

Dehumidifiers work by capturing the moisture present in the environment and converting it back to a discardable liquid. Often, much of our equipment relies on pulling environmental air across cooling coils to allow for condensation to collect in a tray on the unit to be regularly emptied. In situations where entire households suffer moisture concerns, we have trailered desiccant dehumidifiers to pull out moist air and replace it with warm, dry air instead.

Is It Possible to Prevent Water Damage Repairs? 

It is always the intention of responding technicians and experts from our team to minimize tear-out and reconstruction whenever possible. While some degree of repair and build back might be inevitable in almost all water damage incidents that occur, the amount can often be reduced through swift action and thorough cleaning. Water damage cleanup focuses on removing surface moisture and trapped water from installed materials, making it possible to preserve and protect several building materials that otherwise require discarding.

Many tools and products are critical to water damage cleanup and mitigation of damaged properties. Our SERVPRO of Southern Rockland County team can help with efficient solutions to help you every step of the way. Give us a call today at (845) 400-4888.