Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Water and Fire Damage in a Suffern Property

The greasy smoke from the kitchen fire, though not creating structural damage, coated several rooms of this house with a smelly, caustic film. The water from th... READ MORE

Suffern Water and Fire Damage Restoration

The sticky, runny soot residues on the surfaces, both porous like the drywall, and soft, like the fabrics, are challenging to clean up and restore. The fire fro... READ MORE

Fire Damage in basement of Rockland County home.

This client in Rockland County New York, had a fire in their basement. The walls were covered in soot and smoke damage. Our Production Manager was quickly on si... READ MORE

Home Fire in Rockland County

Our customer in Rockland County had a home fire that affected several rooms in the house. SERVPRO of Southern Rockland County Service Technicians responded quic... READ MORE

Fire Damage in a Southern Rockland County Home

This home in Nanuet, New York suffered a fire in the basement of the home due to faulty wires. SERVPRO of Southern Rockland County responded quickly, and asses... READ MORE

Fire Damage Before and After

This basement in New Jersey suffered black soot and webbing from a small appliance fire. SERVPRO Southern Rockland County was able to clean the area and make it... READ MORE